The assumption is sometimes made that the PokerKrew is somehow a profit-seeking or profit-making commercial enterprise. It is not. The PokerKrew is simply a non-commercial fraternity of men, and our web site is nothing more than an extension of our fraternity and a public face where our ridiculous immaturity can be on display. We give you the following assurance:
  • The PokerKrew has no commercial interests, or intentions.
  • The PokerKrew web site never has had, nor ever will have, any commercial interest, including any monetary advantage for hits on our pages, nor any commercial advertising of any type.
  • When we display our logo, we are doing so as identification and as a group logo; whether or not a person comes to our site or otherwise acts upon our well-known logo/symbol makes no difference to us, as we have no vested interest or commercial interest in the behavior of any man toward to the PokerKrew.
With this in mind, you were probably directed to this page because there was some question about whether or not we were "advertising" on your site or otherwise trying to get commercial gain. You are WELCOME to look around our site. You will not find:
  • A single advertisement,
  • A single reference to any commercial product for which we are remunerated in any way,
  • A single line of JavaScript or anything else to serve any business interest,
  • Any use whatsoever of any cookies, except insofar as they keep track of a user's log in credentials in our forum.
Hopefully this sets your mind at ease. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.